Quincy Benton, Podcast Host

Quincy is a high school and college graduate, former school teacher, entrepreneur, author and publisher. After his career as a school teacher, Quincy began a successful career as a self-published author in Atlanta, Georgia. His first book was titled, Live Life! Be Young, Black and Successful (2003). His second book was titled, Change the Game: Live Life! On the Next Level (2007). He also created a successful career as a professional motivational speaker during that time.

Quincy expanded his entrepreneurial empire by acquiring multiple real estate investments and eventually acquired three Planet Smoothie franchises in metro Atlanta (2005). He was the youngest owner of multiple Planet Smoothie franchises in Atlanta. 

At the pinnacle of Quincy’s success, he experienced a dramatic turn of fortune that included a divorce, a house fire, a recession and bankruptcies of all businesses. Desperate to regain his financial footing, Quincy made a series of bad choices that eventually led to a five-year federal conviction (2012).

After serving his time and re-entering back into society (2016), Quincy has re-married, re-connected with his family and children, purchased a new home, started several new and successful businesses, and resumed his passion for education and entrepreneurship. Quincy has now dedicated his life to creating a community of like-minded people whose goals are to inspire, motivate and educate others on what it takes to recover from similar setbacks and losses.


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